Zirconium Teeth

In zirconium porcelain bridge teeth, a white zirconium alloy is used instead of metals.

The biggest advantage of the Full Porcelain bridge dental system, which is also called Non-Metallic Bridges or Bridges without Metal Support, is achieving a full aesthetic appearance of the bridges in the rear region with the very high durability.

The process of shrinking and covering the teeth with excessive loss of material due to decays, fractures or other reasons is called crowning.

Bridging, on the other hand, is the process of minimizing neighboring teeth in cases where one or more teeth are missing, and filling the interstitial spaces by getting support from special coatings.

Zirconium tooth coating provides a much more aesthetic appearance than traditional metal coating applications thanks to their ability to transmit light.

In addition to this, zirconium crowns are very compatible with the gums.

Unlike metal-supported coatings, they do not cause any diseases or allergic problems in the gums.

Zirconium which is a white alloy, is used instead of metal as the substructure in zirconium-based porcelains.

Zirconium-based porcelains are both natural and aesthetic enough to be used in the anterior teeth, as well as durable enough to be used in posterior teeth.

Therefore, zirconium-based porcelains can be safely preferred for anterior and posterior teeth.

Advantages of Zirconium Porcelain Teeth

With the light transmission properties of zirconium-based porcelains, a full harmony with natural teeth can be achieved. This way, perfect aesthetic results can be obtained. Since there is no metal reflection underneath, the artificial image seen in metal-based porcelain does not occur. Gingival harmony is much better than traditional metal-based porcelains.

Gingival discolorations, which are common in metal-based porcelains, are definitely not visible in zirconium. It is not allergic as it is a 99% tissue-friendly material.

It is more advantageous than metal-supported prostheses in terms of general body health. Since their heat insulation feature is very good, they transmit less heat to the tooth than metal-based porcelains.

Thus, there is no sensitivity towards hot or cold in the teeth with zirconium-based porcelain. They can be used safely on the teeth in the rear regions thanks to their high resistance of 900 -1200 mega pascal.

In addition to their impeccable strength, they are elegant and aesthetic enough to transmit light.

Since it has the ability to mask the underlying tooth color, excellent aesthetic results can be obtained even with very dark teeth. Because they are produced with a very sensitive procedure, they adapt exactly to the cut tooth surface.

This way, since there is no gap between the zirconium porcelain and teeth that allows bacteria leak, it does not cause decay. They are healthy materials that do not cause taste disorders, gum problems and bad breath.

They can be used safely on both anterior and posterior teeth.