Teeth Whitening ( Blacing )

Teeth may become yellow and there may appear stains on the teeth surface due to the consumption of food and beverages such as coffee and tea as well as smoking. It is not possible to remove these stains or whiten your teeth by brushing them.

For this reason, tooth whitening is a very popular and preferred procedure today.

Teeth whitening can be done in two ways:
The first method is the clinic type whitening. It is the whitening method offered to the patient in the dentist’s clinic or office.

Clinic type teeth whitening is performed while protecting the gums with a special solution applied to the teeth. With a unique beam source, this can be a laser or a high-powered beam source, depending on the dentist’s preference. This is the process of whitening the teeth with a beam. This procedure approximately takes 45 minutes to 1 hour. Multiple sessions may be required in some cases.

Tooth whitening is a method for removing stains in the teeth with special solutions and techniques. Therefore, teeth cleaning and teeth whitening are completely different treatments.

Tooth cleaning is done to remove the stains on the teeth.

Tooth whitening is the process of removing yellow materials in the teeth in individuals with genetically yellow teeth or with yellow stains for many years.

The second method in teeth whitening is the home-type teeth whitening procedure.

In the home-type whitening method, the dentist sits down with the person and assesses whether the teeth are suitable for whitening in the first session. A special measure is taken from the person, according to this measure, a plate is prepared that does not overflow the teeth and gums that fit in the mouth. With this plate, a special brand of solution will be determined by the dentist to be used at home; the important step here is to use a proper and high quality brand, approved by the Turkish Dental Association and the World Food Institute. In other words, you should not use products purchased from supermarkets or elsewhere to whiten your teeth. Although these products seem to whiten the teeth, they damage them as well.

The dentist will explain to the patient in detail how to use the special plates prepared for home type whitening. By attaching the prepared plate for about 3-4 hours a day, the teeth become whiter in a few days.

There is actually no big difference between home-type teeth whitening and a clinic-type teeth whitening procedures. There are only differences in the duration. For this reason, the patient must decide which method they want to do. It can be decided according to the habits of some people. For example, if the person consumes a lot of coffee, tea or smokes cigarettes, they will need more teeth whitening, so they may prefer home-type teeth whitening method. It is necessary to decide depending on the usage habits of the individual.

Products or methods that you do not know (such as baking soda, bleach, etc.) should not be used for teeth whitening. Because tooth enamel has a very special texture, it can be eroded despite the fact that it has a very hard texture. The layer covering the surface of enamel teeth is a weaker layer beneath it. When the dentin layer is reached, sensitivity and problems begin.