Inside the root of the tooth, there is a vascular-nerve package that feeds the tooth, popularly known as the ‘nerve of the Decussation’. In case of damage and/or inflammation of this tissue due to untreated caries, the process of removing the tissue, shaping, cleaning the root canal, and then filling the canal with fillers is called root canal treatment. In some cases, laser-assisted treatments can be performed in order to increase the success of root canal treatment.

Root canal treatment (also called endodontics) is the name of the treatment that is performed if the blood and nerve supply, known as the pulp of the tooth, is infected through decay or injury. In the early stages of infection, no pain may be felt.

In some cases, the color of the tooth may darken, which may mean that the tooth is losing its vitality. In such cases, root canal treatment is necessary.

Thanks to the substances and techniques used in canal treatment today, the vast majority of abscesses at the root tip can be treated and thus there is no need to withdraw the tooth.

The success of root canal treatment depends on the complete and optimal implementation of each of the treatment steps. The channels need to be properly widened, cleaned and filled.

Root Canal Treatment Technologies

Technological developments experienced today have made it possible to make root canal treatments literally more accurate, faster and safer.

Root Apex Locator (Root Tip Detection