Aesthetic Fillers


Composite or metal filling materials are commonly used in treating tooth decay. However, in cases where the tooth loss is grand, we prefer porcelain fillings as it is stronger and meets aesthetic needs. These porcelain fillings are called “inlay” and “onlay”, and are prepared in a laboratory environment in accordance with the measurements taken after the decay is cleared.

What are the Advantages of Inlays & Onlays?

They are aesthetic.

They have a strong structure.

They have good coherence with the dental tissue.


Resin veneers (composite laminates) are an alternative trearment to porcelain veneers to form a beautiful smile. They are made from composites which are an aesthetic filling material.

In Which Cases Resin Veneers Can Be Applied?

These can be applied in closing the gaps between the teeth, to broken or cracked teeth, color defects and in the presence of wide filling with distorted color harmony.

Is Preparation (Dental Abrasion) Necessary?

Preparation is usually not necessary.

How is the Connection with the Teeth Achieved?

The connection is made through a special chemical system we call bonding.

Is it Harmful for the Teeth?

No, it is not harmful for the teeth.

Do Resin Teeth Look Natural?

Restorations made by an experienced dentist have a natural and aesthetic look.

Do Resin Veneers Change in Color?

Just as our natural teeth are colored by factors such as smoking, tea and coffee consumption, resin veneers can also change in color by these external factors. However, these discolorations can be easily removed. Well-polished veneers are more difficult to change color.

What Are the Factors One Needs to Be Careful About?

In some cases, chewing or breaking off very hard food with the anterior teeth is not advised.

Can Anyone Have This Treatment?

Anyone without a parafunctional habit such as biting nails, chewing pencils or teeth grinding can have this treatment. Because it can be applied without deforming the teeth, it is especially preferred by young people.

How Long Can It Be Used?

It can be used for many years with good care. It is possible to extend this period by paying attention to oral hygiene and attending regular dental checks. It is easy to repair in case of any problems.

How Long Does It Take to Apply?

The procedure is completed in one or one and a half hour. It is applied with little or no abrasion on the surface of the teeth. With aesthetic composite materials that are compatible with the tooth color, very effective results can be achieved in very short periods of time and with minimal touches. These procedures generally completed in a single session.