Lingual orthodontic treatment is one of the fixed treatment methods with braces. In Latin, “lingua” means “tongue” and it means the treatment made on the tongue side of the teeth. The fact that orthodontic wires create visual discomfort in patients during treatment has been the driving force for the development of such a treatment method.

The biggest advantage for patients in this treatment is that the fixed braces attached to the teeth are on the tongue side and not on the lip. Thus, nothing is visible on the teeth. The most aesthetic orthodontic treatment is lingual orthodontic treatment.

The biggest problem faced by patients in this highly aesthetic treatment method is speech disorders. Since the appliances are on the tongue side, the phonation of some letters such as “t”, “s” and “d” will be very difficult, as the sounds will hit these appliances while they are coming out. There may also be slight irritation on the tip of the tongue. It may take up to 1 month for patients to get used to them. This method is a bit more expensive than others.