Cavities in teeth occur as a result of the loss of substance in any of the teeth and the adjacent tooth moves towards this cavity. Thus, the intra-oral tooth structure and shape is distorted. Accordingly, mouth closure and chewing force are also affected. If these gaps are not filled for a long time,the gap increases and surrounding teeth are also affected. For this reason, these gaps are filled with crowns or bridges according to the size and number of the cavity. Metal support is used in these processes. However, today, cosmetic dentistry can provide aesthetic solutions with full porcelain crown bridges without metal support to remove intraoral cavities without using any metals.

“Zirconium Porcelain Crown Bridge”

Features of Full Porcelain Crown Bridges
They are made of reinforced porcelain. Although many factors affect the appearance of crowns, the most important is their reaction to light. Natural teeth are translucent. As a result, depth and vitality appear in the tooth. Due to the light transmission properties of porcelain crowns without metal support (full porcelain), their depth and vitality are higher so that results closest to natural teeth are achieved.

While full porcelains create a very similar aesthetic to natural tooth structure as they pass light, metal porcelains have a dullness and artificiality, even if they are very well made. Thus, full porcelains are preferred especially for the front teeth.

Since there is no metal in its sub-structure, there is no dark line at the crown-gum level. A more aesthetic appearance is therefore achieved.