Total Prostheses

Total prostheses is an option when all teeth are missing or have serious problems.
Total prosthesis fills cheeks and makes lips appear fuller. Teeth used in prostheses can also be porcelain. This option offers better aesthetic satisfaction in front teeth.

The full prosthesis in the upper jaw occupies a much larger area than the full prosthesis in the lower jaw. In addition, the presence of the tongue in the lower jaw causes the prosthesis to move more. The existing bone volume also affects the retention. Since tooth loss in the lower jaw is usually earlier, the bone dissolves more and the retention of the prosthesis is less.

Since palate dental prostheses are removable, their use is more difficult than other prostheses. They can be easily placed and removed on the lower and upper jaw but fixed prostheses offer more comfort and much better efficiency while chewing.

When the prosthesis is first implanted, there may be hits and wounds in some areas. After a certain period of time, the patient gets used to the feeling of prosthesis.
Complete dental prostheses can be used for many years if they are well maintained and hygienic. In cases where bone is weakened or lost, the prosthesis may feel loose.